Once, I made a soft pinboard


Ja, fråga mig inte varför. Den funkade iallafall. Senare använde jag den som sänggavel i gästrummet :D


Korktavla och skumgummistoppning.


Lite annat skrammel, häftapparat, pappers..hållare, sax, mattkniv, blyertspenna.


Börja med att klippa ut skumgummit i samma storlek som tavlan.


Mätte ut ett rutnät i önskad nit-täthet och borrade hål i tavlan i korsningarna. 


La ut tyget ovanpå, jämnt runtom.


Levde på den vilda sidan och stack upp nålar i hålen för att kunna hitta dom genom tyget och skumgummit.


Hittade hålen, var tvungen att klippnöta lite lite för att få igenom "nitarna". 


Tog en rad i taget för tyget drar sig när man drar åt "nitarna". 


Till slut så var alla på plats.


Jag tog faktiskt ur pappershållarna i hörn-hålen sen när jag satt fast allting så jag kunde skruva tavlan genom dom hålen istället. Hade guldfärgad skruv bara, syntes knappt någon skillnad. 


Häftad, klädd, nitad. Klar! 


Uppe! Var aldrig riktigt nöjd med tyget men det fick duga. Kanske ska göra en sån här sänggavel igen eftersom jag har exakt fem cm över när sängen står på plats i alkoven, en riktig gavel får icket plats. Hmmm.

Once I made a tiny little cake

Fråga mig inte vart infallet kom ifrån men, mina vänner, jag följde det.

Allt som behövs! Den lilla, lilla klyvyxan kan ha varit med, för ahem, roligt.

En liten pannkaka! 

Tripp trapp trull!

En grön med mycket gult blir marsipan! 

Och så en liten ros! 

Klart man ska skära en bit också. Och det svarta luddet över hela tårtan (pyssla i svarta kläder i en svart soffa, ahem) bidrar tillsammans med fingeravtrycken till en rustik, hemmagjord känsla som alla tycker om så mycket nu. Ni vet, det var meningen.

Filofax DIY: Dividers from hell

I bought this model of the Filofax A5 six months ago, and I haven't regretted it for a second. I had been staring at it on various forums on the internet for a year before I decided it was to be mine, and yes. I love it. And it has taken up a lot of creativity time and I've invested quite a bit in this leather dressed beauty, and I thought I'd show it off a little. Well, at least the dividers. 

Filofax Malden in Ochre, you beautiful bastard.

First page, post-its and stuff for easy access.

The next part isn's as polished but that's okay because it's functional. But, look to the right. Here we get into the dividers. For those of you who kind of squint at the picture with the owl and wonder "Is that people without heads doing strange stuff?" than I can confirm, yes, yes it is. Some of you may recognize the the work of Hieronymus Bosch and his weird people and sly owls. I may or may not have that very owl tattooed on myself because I love it so much.

The image is of course a part of his epic triptych painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights", one of the 16th century's most awesome works of art. All the dividers are taken from this painting. 

Divider number two was decorated with Adam and Eve in the company of birds and God.

Divider number three got to be represented by a person making out with a pig in a nuns headdress (everything in this painting carries a sharp societal commentary, as you might have guessed).

The music instruments from the 16th century is also hanging out in hell, together with people that in their earthly lives danced a little too much with fruits (of course, a nod at people's sinful sexual lives) and therefore deserved ending up among the monsters in the darkness.

Oh, so yeah, you get passed through beasts while you're at it too.

The last divider got one of my favourite parts of the painting. It's magical with its beams of light protruding through the foggy darkness. Wonderful.

I just cropped out and printed the pictures, put them together with the existing divider (to get the tab nicely) and put laminating sheets on either side and had to finally TAPE the whole thing together with regular see-through tape because the laminating sheets were useless at keeping together by themselves. 

I like it! 

Finally I got it done!: Colouring a little shelf

Yeah, so, that thing about plans and DIY sometimes have a tendency to... drag out. I bought this fancy shelf at Panduro and thought I'd paint it. Two years ago. I still used it and looked at it sometimes and thought to myself, I should paint that. 

Then I sort of figured I could use it as a makeup shelf and therefore happened to stare at it much more often than I had before, and it just clicked last Sunday when I rummaged through my make and.. Yeah, I just did it. Panduro's hobby paint in the shade "Coffee", a favorite kind of antique brown shade, diluted in water and then painted over the entire shelf.

I like wood, but not the light kind of "scandinavian blonde" shade that is so popular now.


I sorted out things I didn't want in the shelf and put in new ones, and the whole process only took like 20 minutes. Gosh. Just do it has never been more fitting.