Like clockwork

We live in a frail existence. Suddenly, we’re thrown into new situations that we hadn’t prepared for. Everything is collapsed into chaos and nothing is what it was like before. And then there are those other times. The times where you know exactly how it will play out, and then it does. Like when you know a plumber is on his way over to your place and have announced his arrival at exactly 9.00 am. The time is 8.57 am, and yes, now you have to poo. Like right now.

I mean, there wasn’t any doubt that this would happen. In the laws of the universe it was written that instead of me locking myself in the bathroom, settling nature’s needs, I will be sitting on my couch, clenching my nethers while displaying a forced smile. Because there’s no locking oneself in the bathroom because then you KNOW they’re gonna be on time, for the first time in the history of plumbers, and stand around in the hallway waiting for me to come out?

No way. I’ll wait. Pray that it’s not going to be for long.