Eyeshadow declutter with a LOT of pictures

This oil-slick of a face has always loved makeup and wanted to use lipsticks and all sorts of fun stuff for years, but instead got to despair over foundation slipping right off my face after just a few hours in spite of powder, wiping off creasing eyeshadow two hours into the party or lipstick smearing below my lip because my lips are uneven. I mean, looking like you've just made out with someone is just fine, if you've actually done that. So I pretty much made do with that until five years ago. Having stared at all those happy people doing their makeup and making it last, I finally reached a point where my skin started to calm down and the makeup industry boomed with new improved formulas. It all conjugated into a whole new world. A world full of colours and textures that I could take part in! All the eyeshadows were mine! Giefs!

Get on with it!

So, today when I stationed my rear in front of my lit mirror, I thought I’d use the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette that I got this summer. It hasn’t really jived with me but I got it so recently, I should make it work, right?

It didn’t. Just like the previous 12 times I’ve used it since I got it. Well gosh dangit. It’s all an expensive lesson in what I like nowadays. My taste and feeling for colours have changed quite a lot the last two years or so, I’ve steered rather sharply into less colourful eyes and more colourful lips instead. It all started with the firey gloriousness of Makeup Geek's eyeshadow Flamethrower. The entire internet looked fantastic in that dang thing, so I bought it. And used it. And I looked... washed out. It didn't bring out my blue eyes, it just made them lighter and not in a good way. And when I did my brown-based eye makeup other times it washed me out again. And other times, also brown-based eye makeup, it looked great. Why? WHY?

Yes, I am a dummy and a newbie to all this makeup. In my defence, it was just four years ago I could even make eyeshadow stay on my oily skin so I haven't had that much time to practise.

Eventually, or to be fair; just a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that the difference between my great eye looks and the not so great ones, are the temperature of the shades. Colourful, warm, rosy, orangey browns - no. Neutral, cooler, beigy and more demure hues - yes! The rosy browns just brings out the eternal rosacea-redness of my skin, making me look ruddy. I can wear warm eyeshadows, but apparently, not too warm.

Back to the eyeshadows. All of the eyeshadows. So many of them. This isn't my first declutter, but maybe my most surprising one.

The declutter of eyeshadows!
+ mini reviews as I go


Eyeshadows have been my big weakness up until now, I guess you can tell.

Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette


Had I realised sooner that it was, in fact, the exact temperature of browns that ruined it for me, I would never have bought this. It's obviously a really warm palette. Also, the five browns just blend into each other on the lid, and the darkest shades lose their deepness after just a few hours, making it even worse. In 2014, I got rid of the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette just for these reasons, even though then I didn't know that it just was too warm for me, with too little contrast.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette


The Soft Clam palette (yes, I am 12) is so beautiful. I jonesed for it for a year before I got it at Christmas last year. And, it has too warm shadows. I didn't actually think I'd get rid of it today because I love it so much and its amazing pigmentation and shades. Swatching it and humming and hawing over it and considering how I've felt while using it, I finally decided that it is too warm for me. Dangit.


Smashbox - Cover Shot Eye Palette in Smoky


I bought this last year with a fancy little gift card, gifted by my fancy friends. I'd been eyeing it because of its smokiness and the greys and while I've haven't used it very much and thought I’d declutter it, it's most definitely staying after the revelation about warm shadows. These are cool, and I have no other greys, and I really like the other shades too.


Urban Decay - Naked Basics 2


This is in my possession in the tailend of a friend's declutter. I thought I’d declutter this, but It's staying because of its teensy little format and that I haven't tried it yet.


Zoeva - Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Palette


Natural, yes. This is a new one, and it's kind of light. Having always betted on really heavily pigmented shadows, this one is less so. It’s perhaps easier to use and gives off a lighter look than I’m used to. I like it, even though I may miss that perfect lid shade.


My single eyeshadows + a Clinique Lid Pop in Willow Pop that didn't make it on camera


These two palettes contain a mixture of Makeup Geek (about half of them), Lime Crime Venus 2, Viseart, the remains of my Anastasia Self-Made Palette (don't tell my review from three years ago), two little Too Faced shadows and two great big Makeup Store eyeshadows.

So, I'm keeping every single in the palette on the right. I use that almost every time I put on makeup, for the complete look or to find a good blending shade for my skin tone. Love these, maybe you can tell in the dragging light. Makeup Geek is a real good bet if you're approaching Palette Fatigue. Just pick the specific shades you want, and go! If I could only keep one palette, it would be this one.

On the left, I cleared some of them out. The pinky ones, the blue and the beigy browns that's too similar to ones I like more.

Most of them: Keeping!

Linda Hallberg - Infinity Palette


I was a little iffy about this one. I haven't really become friends with the camel and the taupey shade, but I'm working on it. The highlighters and blushes are nice, the black is black and the beige shade is very close to my skin tone, good!


Viva la Diva - Move me Jungle Eyeshadows


I really like this one and thought I’d keep it, again. The pigmentation is great for its low price, and it's nice and smokey. I didn't think I'd get rid of this either, but considering the shades I like more and by keeping the Smashbox one, and the fact that I have eyeshadows to sustain me the rest of my life, I can't defend it more than "want to keep it".


Kat von D - Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette


Basic, boring browns, good light ones and good dark ones. It's been with me for three years and it's a great staple.


Too Faced - Chocolate Gold / Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions

This is where things get tricky. The ones of you who have been with me for.. well it's about two years by this time, you know that I LOVE the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette. I mean, like LOVE it. The packaging is beautiful, they smell good (though artificial), the metallics are great and the neutrals are exactly the neutrals I would pare with the metallics. So, you're obviously keeping it right, you say? That's really what I thought when I started this little declutter, yes.


Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette


Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette

But, I swatched the Huda Beauty Smoky Obsessions before the Chocolate Gold, thinking I'd get rid of Smoky Obsessions even though I really like it. The shades are so pretty and work well together. But, I have the Gold one and I love that, so why would I keep the Huda one? I put the Huda one in the declutter pile.

Then I swatched the Chocolate Gold. Stared at the swatches. I considered my recent statement about not liking very colourful shades on myself anymore. Stared at the palette. It's... there's a heap of colourful shades in it that I won't use very much, or at all. Trying not to be a complete fool for this palette, I covered the colourful ones with my hand, and... the remaining shades looked a whole lot like the Smoky Obsessions one. Crud.

Direct comparisons needed!

So... I did a little test. First the more colourful shades in the Chocolate Gold, and then my favourite shades apart from the neutrals.


Top row: The shades in Chocolate Gold that I won’t use as much. Bottom row, similar shades from palettes I’m already keeping. The pink and silver I won’t ever use. The purple is really so and so. The gold is too yellowy gold. The copper is orange and oranges are so-and-so on me.


My favourite shades in the Chocolate Gold with in the middle row, with similar shades around them. The champagne on the middle-right is the only shade I can’t dupe, or good-enough-dupe.

This was the result. The only shade I can't almost directly dupe from other palettes that I decided to keep for other unique shades, and with formulas I appreciate as much, is Gold Dipped. The six shades I won't use very often at all added to that, I have neutrals to cover for the four base shades and there's only one decision to be made: To get a single champagney gold shadow dupe for Gold Dipped here (Temptalia is so good!), and declutter the Chocolate Gold Palette.

I'm in makeup-shock. Never thought I'd get rid of that palette. Never.


The Chocolate Gold Palette, decluttered.

The Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette, keeping.

The result


The little Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette tin is devoid of shadows, and contain my daily meds instead, in case you wonder why I haven’t included it in the declutter, haha.

So, the pile on the left, I'm keeping. The one on the right, I'm decluttering and shipping off to better owners. I still have a boat load of eyeshadow of course, the declutter has just surprised me. Sometimes you've just gotta be real with yourself and your wants versus your needs. And I do use "need" lightly because nobody needs this many eyeshadows. But hey! Got'em, like'em! Gonna use'em!

All in all, I’m pleased!

NYX Epic Ink Liner

My friends! In June, I think, I wrote a post about Kat von D's Tattoo eyeliner in Trooper. In the comments of that post I got the tip to try one of NYX’s eyeliners and a couple of weeks later, I bought it. Somewhere around this current time, I’ve run out of it. Six months later. It costs around 11 euros in Sweden. It survived my oily skin and even managed to overcome my nowadays mostly useless eyeshadow primer that does not in any way hold my eyeshadows in place.

It doesn’t last as well as Kat von D’s water proof eyeliner, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Ahem.


NYX Epic Ink Liner! 

The biggest problem I have with this, otherwise pretty fantastic, eyeliner is what you see on the image above; it’s faaar to wet at totally random times, leaving a great big drop of eyeliner just waiting to fall down past my face onto my white shirt or transfer itself all over the surface of my eye. When I notice it I just pat it off but the days where it's extra annoying, a lot of eyeliner ends up on my paper which is a waste of product. 

Far too many of us have been there, right? How in a half second your eye looks like a black alien eye before you reflexively shut your eye because of the stinging and smear and cry black eyeliner all the fuck over. Yeah, not too keen on repeating that too often.

I store the thing with the tip up to make this less of a problem, but in spite of that I have sported the “Whoops, my eyeliner got just a liiittle thicker than I was planning on today…”-look a lot more often than I do with the Kat von D one.

The eyeliner is supposedly waterproof but I have to take their word for it, not having been blasted with too many ice cold, tear inducing winds as of late. If I apply lots of it, it goes a little shiny but just a little. The price and its resistance to the harsh conditions of my oily face will outweigh the risk of messing everything up now and again, and I’ve bought another one.


So, I’ll score this four out of five on my little scale. So worth it!  

Kat von D Tattoo Liner

You know what it’s like. You’re sitting around at home, listening to some music, get into the groove. Putting on some eyeliner and all of a sudden, well well, maybe a little WINGED LINER PERHAPS?! Said and done, five minutes later you’re sporting the most awesome wings and proudly look at yourself in the mirror. Wink at yourself in the mirror. Then you put on clothes and go out. A gush of wind throws itself over you, a cold one at that, and you tear up a little. Oh well. It’s fine.

You get to the place you were going. Say hello to everyone, and they say hello back. You get a glass of water and catch yourself in the mirror. Oh. So the people that stared at you on your way here didn’t stare because you’re a feisty beauty but because they were busy trying to figure out if they have seriously Freudian relationships to their parents by analyzing your ex-eyeliner, having transformed into a veritable Rorschach test.


BUT! One day, this makeup lover walked into a Sephora in the capitol and had psyched myself up to pick up the Kat von D eyeliner that all of the internet is going on about. I bought a mini version of it and got BLOWN AWAY (much like my earlier eyeliner) by the fact that it held through everything on my skin. Summer sweat? Still there. Work? Still there. The oiliest days of them all so all the other makeup is gone? Still there. Rain storms? Still there. Slept for a couple of hours? Still there. A proper tumble in the sack? Well, the wings didn’t make it. But it’s my companion, from 8 am til 03 am, we hang out together.

It has a brush tip and it’s fine so it’s easy to make wings or details. The downside is that it can be a little dry and if I’m slow, I have to work it a little on my hand to get the colour flowing again, and of course, the price. It's not cheap but it's golden.


12 hours and counting on oily skin