How much eyeshadow do I really need?


I have a confession; I love makeup. Oh, so you knew already? Oh, it’s one of the most frequently used tags on my blog? Oh yeah, I did write a love letter to an eyeshadow palette not too long ago, right…

But hey, we all have our weaknesses, right? Within the whole makeup spectrum, for me, it’s eyeshadows. I love eyeshadows. Love them. And with that love, comes a certain longing for buying more of them, hoarding them, rolling around in… okay, maybe it’s not THAT bad. But the MOAR-tendencies are there.

It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I actually got into eyeshadows and makeup really, when my skin finally stopped being SO oily. Before that, I had a couple of them but usually just used an olive green or turquoise without accent colours and then eyeliner, and if it melted right off my face before I got home, it didn’t matter.

Since then, with the improvement of primers (that I’ve used since the 90’s because IsaDora, the Swedish brand, has had them since forever?) and my skin chilling out, my love for eyeshadows has increased in intensity along with my ability to play around with them and manage to do looks that actually last all day until I wash it off at night.

And with that, my collection increased with more colours, nuances, finishes, qualities. And while I sort of regularly cleared out all the other categories of makeup, the eyeshadows just kind of stayed put, being tucked away in “I’ll look at these later on”-palettes. Then having experimented lots for a few years, I have just settled on that I won’t use crazy colours but prefer the more muted nuances and I got overwhelmed with all the fricking shadows I had.


Apparently, I’m a crazy person that has deleted the pictures from my previous declutters, I did a real proper one like a year before the one I’m about to show you. This last one is from March this year, and just two weeks ago I took everything I was supposed to give away to my sister’s house and just HERE TAKE IT.


After giving away two palettes right away, I started going over the ones I had left. 


Ahhh. So good! All the shades with glitter in them that I loathe, all the really colourful ones, dupes of ones that I love and really old ones that I just threw away, gone! 

What’s left?

I’m so happy with my collection now. I have a couple of unused shadows, the rest are tried and loved even though some are put to harder use than others.

It’s a lot less than I had before, but here we come to the actual point of this post:
These eyeshadows are gonna last me for YEARS. I know, I know, hygiene etc etc, but I’m gonna be one of those people who use my powder eyeshadows until they’re used up or start to turn. Before that, I’m neverminding how old they are unless they’re REALLY old (like the green one I had that I bought when I was 16, ahem). I've kept the ones that I’ve used a lot and gave away all the others, so my collection now is tried and true.

I usually put makeup on five or six times a week, and dip into eyeshadows every single one of those days, and here’s how my well-loved, well used eyeshadows look today;


I have bought these ones around two and four years ago, and I've been using them TO DEATH. Well, not to death, because you can see how much is still left inspite of my almost daily use.


This palette I bought two and a half years ago, and I've been using it SO much. Still, it's like "whatever" apart from the big shade to the right that I've actually hit pan on, but that's mostly because I dip the same spot every time..


And then my latest love, that I wrote enthusiastically about in March of this year when I bought it. This too is used again and again and almost isn't showing any signs of use.

The point of this post is to remind myself of how I don't need to buy new shades. I have everything I want, even though I will surely fall into the "ooh pretty"-trap again. That's okay, but I will continue comparing my collection with the new lovers to stop myself from giving in. And maybe this post can demonstrate to the world how efficiently eyeshadows can wear. In two years time, I'll do a comparison. They'll probably look about the same, haha. 

Do you have any collecting tendencies and in that case, what can't you just give up?

Too Faced Chocolate Gold - both form and function


Natural daylight

Yes! I seldom do any kind of reviews because the whole internet is FLOODED with them, but I can't help myself this time. Maybe part of it is the need I feel to immortalize its beauty and shiny sparklyness? Gold and sparkles and greens and coppers, what’s not to love, says my inner magpie.

I kind of keep up with the beauty industry, mostly makeup, because I think it’s fun and makes it easier to not buy stuff (somehow that works?) and partly because it’s nice to fall asleep to news that doesn’t include violence and death. But when I first saw this palette, perhaps a little bias against Too Faced and their somewhat... shaky quality of limited edition eyeshadows, I thought to myself “NICE PACKAGING, but that doesn’t make me buy an eyeshadow palette”. Then I saw Beauty News destroy it and thought “Nice metallics, but I already have a heap of those so that doesn’t make me buy an eyeshadow palette”. Then I saw someone try it out and still thought, “It’s nice, but I won’t buy it”.


THEN, I watched a review video complete with swatches, close-ups and try-on look. And then I bought it.


Yeah, it was kind of hard to justify of course, I didn’t NEED it, and even though I had googled lots of pictures and rummaged through my own collection of eyeshadows and decided that it has its place among my shadows, I still felt kind of guilty for ordering stuff I don’t really need. But then I got it delivered, and tore open the box, and managed to get the thing out of its packaging without breaking it. Opened it, and that whiff of that chocolate pudding powder (it definitely doesn’t smell like actual chocolate, I don’t know what kind of chocolate americans eat ;) scent, which is nice! I nervously put my finger in one of the metallic shades and oh. Oh.

I bought it four weeks ago and since then I’ve used it exactly every single time I’ve put on makeup, which is about 20-ish times. Only the crazy pink one and the bluey silver one is untouched, and the last one mentioned will probably remain so, as I’m not a particularly big fan of neither blue nor silver.

The metallics work with a brush but as I’ve figured, they’re better off with a sponge applicator or just your fingers. The matte shades blend like a dream with my regular brushes even if I happen to dust on a little too much (that happens A LOT). Perfection I say!


Under halogen lights

The shades Love & Cocoa and Classy & Sassy looks the same in the palette men on the skin they’re quite different. Holla for a dolla could be a tad more olivey green but mostly turns into a darker brown on the lid, and the light Rollin’ in dough is just a little too light for me to mindlessly use it as a base and a little too dark for use as an inner corner highlight. The dark purple one is a little whimpy but it’s fine with a bit of work. The above points are the worst things about this palette, totaling into a GOOD GRADE!


So, final judgement: I use it ALL THE TIME, I love the colours (apart from the bluey silver) and the mattes are super blendable and nice. It smells nice and lasts all day on me with my NYX eyeshadow primer (works better for me than both Too Faced’s and Urban Decay’s, bleh). The palette has a great big mirror and the packaging is lovely to have in my makeup stand. I’m actually giving away a bunch of my other metallic eyeshadows because I feel like these are all I need nowadays.

It is still available for purchase on Sephora in Sweden, for way too much money.

All in all, Five Fancy Friday piggies out of five!

NYX Epic Ink Liner

My friends! In June, I think, I wrote a post about Kat von D's Tattoo eyeliner in Trooper. In the comments of that post I got the tip to try one of NYX’s eyeliners and a couple of weeks later, I bought it. Somewhere around this current time, I’ve run out of it. Six months later. It costs around 11 euros in Sweden. It survived my oily skin and even managed to overcome my nowadays mostly useless eyeshadow primer that does not in any way hold my eyeshadows in place.

It doesn’t last as well as Kat von D’s water proof eyeliner, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Ahem.


NYX Epic Ink Liner! 

The biggest problem I have with this, otherwise pretty fantastic, eyeliner is what you see on the image above; it’s faaar to wet at totally random times, leaving a great big drop of eyeliner just waiting to fall down past my face onto my white shirt or transfer itself all over the surface of my eye. When I notice it I just pat it off but the days where it's extra annoying, a lot of eyeliner ends up on my paper which is a waste of product. 

Far too many of us have been there, right? How in a half second your eye looks like a black alien eye before you reflexively shut your eye because of the stinging and smear and cry black eyeliner all the fuck over. Yeah, not too keen on repeating that too often.

I store the thing with the tip up to make this less of a problem, but in spite of that I have sported the “Whoops, my eyeliner got just a liiittle thicker than I was planning on today…”-look a lot more often than I do with the Kat von D one.

The eyeliner is supposedly waterproof but I have to take their word for it, not having been blasted with too many ice cold, tear inducing winds as of late. If I apply lots of it, it goes a little shiny but just a little. The price and its resistance to the harsh conditions of my oily face will outweigh the risk of messing everything up now and again, and I’ve bought another one.


So, I’ll score this four out of five on my little scale. So worth it!  

Ellet and the henna!


My love story with henna started around eight years ago when I finally realized that yeah, I CAN have orange hair! Why not? And why did I drag it out over several years, enviously staring at people who dared to? Finally, I was sick of bleach and my hair breaking and my poor scalp screaming for help. So, I somehow fell upon the idea of dyeing my hair with henna and just so happened to read like 3000 forum pages on how do to it, what to expect, how hot I would be, how permanent it is. But since then, I’ve forgotten what all those 3000 pages said, so all I have to share with you guys is how I do it and what I’ve experienced. If you’re thinking about doing it yourself, I recommend you to read at least a couple of forum pages about before you take the plunge. It is permanent, after all.

Let’s get into it!


Henna derives from a plant called Lawsonia Inermis that grow in warm places towards the Middle East, and the dye that releases when you wet the pulverized, dried leaves is orange-brown-red. Nothing else. No pure brown, no black, no colourless. There are different nuances of henna, ranging from light more yellowy orange to darker, redder versions. To compare names, “Jamila henna” (that I use) gives off a more warm orange tone while “Yemeni henna” gives off a cooler red.
You just have to find the type of henna that suits your needs, hence the importance of doing a little bit of research before you get yourself into something you can’t get out of that easily. Is the henna in bar-form, like Lush’s henna bars, there’s other stuff in there apart from pure henna. Does the pack say “Brown henna” or “Blonde henna”, there’s other stuff in there. Does it say “Black henna”, STEER THE FUCK CLEAR because depending on what kind of product you’re looking at, it can be harmful. One guide line that can be used is to look for “tattoo quality henna”, because it’s usually more finely milled and purer.

Cassia is often marketed as “neutral henna”, which is kind of true but not really. It’s a similar kind of plant that gives out less pigment (yellowy) and is used for conditioning packs and shine.



Well, a pack of henna, a pot to hold the mixture, water, and lemon is all that I need to dye my hair with henna! Oh, and like 12 hours of developing the mixture/on your hair.


Happy green powder that makes a brown mixture that makes your hair orange, simple!


Greeny brown goo releasing orange dye onto a piece of paper

I mix the powder with just regular water (I don’t bother with hot water (NOT boiling!), it’s fine anyways) and a little bit of lemon juice that is supposed to pull that bit extra pigment out of the powder. Put the mixture somewhere a little cozily warm in your house and out of the sun, and let it sit. For hours. I often leave it for eight hours (I mix it before work and dye when I get home) and it’s just fine, people recommend up to twelve hours I think. The surface turns a soggy brown and it’s easy to see that it’s oxidizing in the air just by stirring it, it’s greener under the surface!

I just slap it on, can’t help you with a good fool proof method but it’s always turned out even. And then I let it sit for three-four hours. I’m a natural blonde and that time is enough. After waiting for ages, you just rinse it out carefully and then wait for two days to see what it oxidizes into. The colour settles a bit and I prefer the settled colour from the lighter, more intense orange that is the first result.

Also, a warning for you beginners out there: Don’t make the mix too runny. The first time I dyed my hair with henna, I had to lay flat on my back on the living room floor for three hours because it wouldn’t stop running down my neck, haha.

Whatever mixture is left when I’m done slapping it on my hair and getting that covered, I just put in the freezer. When it’s time to dye it again, I just take it out and let it thaw and it’s good to go another round! From the mixture starting to develop the dye, until it’s weakened and dyes badly, it’s about 24 hours, so there’s a little bit of room to play with.

Something to keep in mind is that the henna mixture and its muddy consistency, is that it’s a bit harder to work with than regular hair dye. It’s drier and “rougher” in texture so parting your hair carefully is a good idea in order to avoid dry, undyed spots. And, use gloves. Henna is usually used for tattoos that last for weeks, and sticks to skin, hair and nails like a BOMB. It stains my face a tad when I dye my hair but with my oily skin, it’s barely visible the day after.


Every time you dye your hair, depending on how long you keep it in and how intense the mixture is, the colour adds and adds. So if you want a lighter colour, it can be a good idea to not dye your entire head of hair every time. Just dye it all until you’ve reached the level of red/depth that you desire and then just dye the grown out bits. I haven’t had any regulations and have dyed my roots along with everything that happens to get involved while doing it. Your natural colour shifts will be visible through the henna! Over my light blonde hair and three years of dyeing with Jamila henna, my hair looks like this:



Yes! If they’re dyeing their hair with pure henna, and not those already mixed packs of differing tones of dye, they’re using henna PLUS something else. Many people do this. Black? Henna + Indigo. Indigo is a dark blue dye (also used for dyeing jeans) and together with henna it can create a colour that’s close to black. Do you want brown? Throw a smaller amount of indigo in the mix! This takes experimentation, to find the shade that you’re after. I’ve even heard about people throwing cocoa in the mix but I would double check that one before you try it yourself.
I believe that indigo is a little less permanent over time, but henna itself is SUPER PERMANENT. In the picture up there, I haven’t dyed the ends of my hair in two years. The henna doesn’t care, it’s there and it’s showing off its business anyways. Henna farts in bleach’s general direction.

The first time I tried bleaching out henna was when I had quite a bit of roots, and then I dyed it all crazy orange and yellow and red (IT WAS AMA-ZING) so I’ve never come to the point of having to remove all the henna, which is good I’m guessing. I’ve heard of people managing it but I wouldn’t count on it happening to just about anyone.


Bleached hennaed and natural hair. I believe you can see what parts are which.. 



Black henna, as it can be marketed in the case of black henna tattoos, is often not actual henna at all. Instead, it’s a black dye that is made of PPD which is harsh and can cause allergic reactions, with scarring and misery to follow. If you have an allergic reaction to PPD it can cause future reactions to all sorts of black dye, ranging from paper inks, regular hair dyes, clothes dyes, so it’s best to steer clear of it. Note, IT IS NOT HENNA AT ALL. There are people who have experienced allergic reactions to real, natural henna, but as far as I know (source: the internet. Do your research! Spot test!) there’s not many of them at all.


It’s strengthening for your hair! The pigment penetrates your hair and becomes one with the structure, making it stronger. I have henna to thank for my long hair, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help. After a couple of dye sessions, I had a hairdresser touch my hair and exclaim “It’s in pretty good nick for all those bleach sessions!”. That’s the first time I’ve EVER heard a hairdresser compliment my hair, I almost fell out of the chair! Some people get shinier hair, some hair types get straighter, and some claim that henna doesn’t play well with perms for that reason. My hair is definitely straighter and the natural curves of my hair is GONE like the wind, leaving it stick straight, but I think it’s worth it. It’s good to take into consideration though if you have locks that you cherish.

The coppery goldy reflexes the henna gives off in direct sunlight are AMAZING. And, the best part of all!: It doesn’t wash out. You just have to keep up with your roots, the rest of the hair is forever covered.



I don’t know! I buy from a Swedish distributer at, I have no experience other than that. Google is your friend in all aspects of henna! 


Left: Remnants of black dye gone brown and pink dye. Right: I threw henna over all of it. You can see how the pink and browns shine through. As soon as the pink washed out, it all turned orange. You can also see how light orange one single layer of henna can be on blonde hair. I like my hair darker also, but wouldn't have minded the light orange either! 


My colour as of the winter of 2017, in the cool light of a winter sunset. It's more orangey in real life, but this picture shows how the colour changes with the lighting too! 



1. Do your research. Do more of it than you think you need. Read, google, read instructions, mixtures, types, brands, pictures, varieties!

2. Decide! Do you want to go for it, or not. There’s no turning back after, the result is PERMANENT. Try on not so visible strands of hair before going full head. On the pictures in this post you see pure warm-toned henna over naturally blonde hair. If your hair is darker, then the henna will turn out darker too!

3. Buy the right kind of henna! Cooler, warmer, redder, orangier.

4. Dye! Wait for it to settle and oxidize for two days before you get to see the final result.

5. ENJOY your lesser upkeep-intense hair colour, just the roots to keep track of.



Disclaimer; I'm a civilian experimenting with my own hair. I'm no expert, I take no resposibility for your hair, good luck and so forth! 

Kat von D Tattoo Liner

You know what it’s like. You’re sitting around at home, listening to some music, get into the groove. Putting on some eyeliner and all of a sudden, well well, maybe a little WINGED LINER PERHAPS?! Said and done, five minutes later you’re sporting the most awesome wings and proudly look at yourself in the mirror. Wink at yourself in the mirror. Then you put on clothes and go out. A gush of wind throws itself over you, a cold one at that, and you tear up a little. Oh well. It’s fine.

You get to the place you were going. Say hello to everyone, and they say hello back. You get a glass of water and catch yourself in the mirror. Oh. So the people that stared at you on your way here didn’t stare because you’re a feisty beauty but because they were busy trying to figure out if they have seriously Freudian relationships to their parents by analyzing your ex-eyeliner, having transformed into a veritable Rorschach test.


BUT! One day, this makeup lover walked into a Sephora in the capitol and had psyched myself up to pick up the Kat von D eyeliner that all of the internet is going on about. I bought a mini version of it and got BLOWN AWAY (much like my earlier eyeliner) by the fact that it held through everything on my skin. Summer sweat? Still there. Work? Still there. The oiliest days of them all so all the other makeup is gone? Still there. Rain storms? Still there. Slept for a couple of hours? Still there. A proper tumble in the sack? Well, the wings didn’t make it. But it’s my companion, from 8 am til 03 am, we hang out together.

It has a brush tip and it’s fine so it’s easy to make wings or details. The downside is that it can be a little dry and if I’m slow, I have to work it a little on my hand to get the colour flowing again, and of course, the price. It's not cheap but it's golden.


12 hours and counting on oily skin

Kat von D Shade and Light Eye palette


Yes! More makeup! I bought this beauty in February when I visited the capital just for the day in order to go to museums and loitering with a friend. I was a bit skeptical at first because super natural palettes are boring, right? But after seeing so many people praise and love Kat von D palettes, I had rummaged through my eyeshadows and realized that maybe I had room for some good ol’ matte contourey eyeshadows. And so it was! I entered Sephora and a TABLE FULL of said palette met me. It was like fate. Well, you know, “fate”.

So minutes later I exited the store clutching my first really expensive eyeshadow palette. Well, next after my collection of Makeup Geek eyeshadows and that lovely Anastasia one, of course.


A cooler, greyer version above, with a redder warmer in the picture below.

Here sporting Kat von D Lolita II Liquid Lipstick, a domestic chaos and one perfect little companion. She had to join me because she was chewing on my cables.
Punishment: Being touched by a human and used for props!

And I’ll be damned if I haven’t used this palette every single time I’ve done my makep since I came home with it. It’s just so damn good! The colours are buildable so if you just whisk on a tad it just enhances your shapes. But then I add just a little more, and a little more, and a liiitttle more, and suddenly I’m sitting there with a whole lot of not so natural eye makeup! Just the way I like it!


Four months of visible use

Five out of five shaky eyeshadow blending hands to the Shade & Light Eye Palette!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made palette


I received a message of mail today! Dropping everything, I stomped off to the store to retrieve it, got back home and excitedly walked into the living room. My roomie was intently staring at the game on the TV, where his character, an abused little kid called Isaac, was being chased by little happy pieces of poo in a uterus. Indie games, huh.

Intent on breaking his concentration with my happiness, I loudly proclaimed “I’M PUTTING ON MAKEUP RIGHT NOW!”

To my surprise, my roomie managed to squeeze out a “Yay!” without breaking his gaze with the TV because if he did so, he would surely suffer a fate none of us would appreciate, now being chased by even bigger happy pieces of poo.


Content with telling my totally uninterested friend about this, I retreated to my room and ripped the package open. Ah. The Self-Made palette. The palette that had been advertised as limited edition and I wasn’t about to buy it, but after six months of “Limited edition” palettes being sold on my main makeup website, and of course calling my name the entire time, I bought it. Just to drag things out, I swatched the whole thing on my surprisingly pale arm and yeah, I love it.

Melty goldeness, fancy purple, dark and light neutrals, and a great quality. Can’t go wrong! After humming and haa’ing a little, my first look was the one below. When I scrubbed away my makeup around 3 am, I could assert that the shadows kept their intensity for fifteen hours. Clearly approved!