I listened to the pod "My dad wrote a porno"


Bildkälla: http://www.mydadwroteaporno.com

… and it’s epic.

Sure, I realize I’m about 18 months late to the party that started off like a little gathering with three friends and snowballed into a culture phenomenon, all thanks to a 60 year old man’s inability to write anything sensual all the while not letting that inability stop him from writing four, yes, four, books. The greatness of course resides in that his son Jamie, that was dealt the manuscripts because Rocky Flintstone, the name that his dad goes under as an author, and decided that this isn’t staying within the family. Shortly after that, he started a podcast with two of his most charismatic friends, and blessed the world with their magic!

I hesitated for a long time because you know, my inner secondary-shame nerve is so strong that I can’t take part in awkward humor without cringing off of my seat, but finally I got too curious and had to try it. 15 minutes into the first episode, I was hooked. I’m not gonna lie, there’s a LOT of cringing, face scrunching, laughing out loud, yelling “No!” while listening to this pod, and looking like a madman if I ever dare to go out in public with this in my ears.

Of course, there’s a certain kind of language that comes with the “erotic” territory which makes it maybe not that work friendly (unless you work in a tattoo shop that is) but the nature of the vernacular is eased up by all the other discomfort you will experience with the both the unreasonable storyline and the soothing agreements from James and Alice.

I’m on episode 12 of season 2, and it’s still equally funny.

My dad wrote a porno – Five out of five shame pillows. DO IT.