Grocery store dementia

Sometimes it’s nice to have someone that is just as bad as you are for company. Other times, it’s nice to have a friend that meet your weaknesses and make you stronger. The latter would have been preferred in the context of this post, because when my ex-roomie and I pass the little paddle gateways to grocery stores, something happens. I mean, we have both managed to survive thus far so I know we HAVE the ability somewhere, it just disappears when we’re together.

It’s like the cover falls down over the bird cage. The Homer Simpson brain monkeys start slamming their cymbals together. The Finding Nemo-seagulls stare mindlessly at things and yell “MINE!” when they see tasty things and put them in the shopping baskets. If we managed to grab any baskets, that is. Because most often we make it through half the store before even realizing we haven’t grabbed any baskets, or any food stuffs that we were supposed to collect. We’ve just been talking, looking at things.

When we’ve tried to focus on not talking as much, AND brought a list of things, even then things have gone to shits. Once, we even reached the register without having picked up ANYTHING. We had to walk all the way back and start over.

Like yesterday. We were getting sour cream. Sounds easy right? We were stood right in front of the shelf with sour cream. Looked at it. But from standing right in front of sour cream, to saying “Hey, over there is lactose free sour cream”, and making our way the ten feet over to the shelf with the lactose free sour cream, we’d forgotten all about the sour cream and my friend picked up a liter of milk instead. I looked on. Satisfied, we left.

So, now I sit here at home, without sour cream. And without milk. Because when I looked at my friend picking up milk, I didn’t register that milk was on my list too.

That little fact, I managed to forget.