The Final Countdown has begun

Yes! The chaos has begun. I proclaimed loud and clear to my roomie that from now on we can’t have anyone over here because the whole apartment will be covered in boxes and stuff while I pack my things and can move out.

My room is slowly peelings the layers of my stuff and kind of makes the whole moving business become just a tad more real. It’s hard to grasp that it’s happening for real when staring at a house plan or just signing a paper in front of a strange woman in an office. It’s when lamps and pictures start disappearing from the walls that it starts FEELING real.

The next phase of reality is when I pick up the keys and can step into my new home for myself. The plan is to fetch the key when they open up at 8 am, get dropped off at the apartment and enter. And then get anxiety. Lots of anxiety.

It happens every time I move. The chrisis.

Like some kind of catharsis, it seems like it’s something I need to go through every time I change my living quarters. I will hate it for two days while getting used to the new smells, sounds, neighbours, and while romanticizing my old home. Then it passes and it starts to feel better, and in the end I’ve ended up loving all my homes. Let’s hope it happens here too!