Shagpad 3.0!

New Year’s Eve 2016 may have been the sorriest excuse for a New Years Eve in my life so far. The endometriosis pains kept me in bed, getting a hug from my roomie and the house guests before and after the midnight stroke.

But! The year is now 2017. Some claim that it’s just another day after the previous day, but that’s not totally true. Now we enter the coldest period of the Swedish winter. Now, when all the celebrations had petered out and the darkness has lowered itself of the country, the unwanted snow starts to fall and the real winter dormancy set in. So what am I trying to say with this crabby post?

I will tell you!

Because the February 1st  I get my OWN LITTLE APARTMENT! You heard me! Shagpad 3.0 is in the future! My stuff that is littered across three separate storage units, one cabin and the entirety of my roomie’s apartment, will gather in my own little dwelling instead. I’ve already made plans for the interior because the apartment is, without pretending anything else, small.

So small that I was number eight in the queue for the apartment and NO ONE said yes before me, so I got it! 28 square meters doesn’t entice everyone, that’s for sure.


But for this little squirrel, 28 square meters feels entirely workable. I will have a glazed balcony, facing east so I won’t cook during the summer months. The small spaces forces me to consider the lovely aspects of compact living, which I am a great fan of. I will have a bath tub, in a bathroom with ugly yellowy plastic walls. I will have a kitchenette, and I will paint and put up wallpapers that I’ve been hoarding for two years. I will get a work space for my computer so I can use it again and live in a little apartment that is mine, all mine.

The separation anxiety isn’t all too easy, I’ve lived here for ten months and it’s been lovely. But that’s okay, I’ll keep the key to here and he’s getting my spare. He’ll get this office back when I move out and we'll see each other anyways!

So. Shagpad 3.0. Countdown begins now, 30 days left.