I stained a little shelf


I procrastinated doing this for two years?



Yeah, so, that thing about plans and DIY sometimes have a tendency to... drag out. I bought this fancy shelf at Panduro and thought I'd dye it. Two years ago. I still used it all the time and looked at it sometimes and thought to myself, I should dye that. 

Then I sort of figured I could use it as a makeup shelf and therefore happened to stare at it much more often than I had before, and it just clicked last Sunday when I rummaged through my makeup and.. Yeah, I just did it. I took Panduro's Hobby Paint in the shade "Coffee", a favorite kind of antique brown shade, diluted it in water and then just painted over the entire shelf with a brush. I sample checked the colour on the back of the shelf first.


I like wood, but not the light kind of "scandinavian blonde" shade that is so popular now.


Pretty simple, although a little messy because the dye is so runny when diluted.



I sorted out things I didn't want in the shelf and put in new ones, and the whole process only took like 20 minutes. Gosh. “Just do it” has never been more fitting. Just do it! Don’t wait silly years and years!