Gefle Metal Festival 2016


I’m in my bed. I’ve worked today, and then it was time for a nap. Next to me rests a cat. In the corner of my eye I see another one, curled up on a blanket on the floor. My door is open, and through it creeps music. Soft, oriental in its nature, and beside it I get a story told. A story about a city, with all its noises, the chuckling of hens, wagons rolling over cobbles streets, the murmur of people going about their day, laughing, discussing. The boys are going on a new adventure in their role play session, while I’m curled up in my bed, saying no thanks to any social interaction.

There was no rain during the festival, bless it. We hung out, laid splayed out on the few lawns that decorate the area. It was perfect. New and old friends, the tones of metal music thundering out over the landscape, people gathering to catch a glimpse of their favorite bands in the company of other worshippers, also raising their fists to the heavens in pure excitement.


Long haired friends looking at long haired fans watching long haired musicians


Finally I got to see At the Gates live, the band that was my gateway in to the world of metal music, the wonderful aural environment that I surround myself with to this day. Dark grey, heavy clouds towered over us the entire weekend, withholding their tears, just enhancing the stage shows with their lights and effects. The beer flowed, and a little too pleasantly at times, at least for some when meeting the more progressive acts. I met a friend coming down the ramp from one of those acts, raising his hands in defeat, stating “This, is waay too complicated for me right now”.


I skipped the more cult classics as Abbath and Sportlov, and it somewhat irks me today but I know I wouldn’t have appreciated it anyways. I saw the bands I came there for, looking calm on the outside but screaming like a fan on the inside, hung out with our three house guests for the weekend and had a bloody good time.

But now I’m all spent, and this introvert will keep to herself for the next few days to regain energy.