Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made palette


I received a message of mail today! Dropping everything, I stomped off to the store to retrieve it, got back home and excitedly walked into the living room. My roomie was intently staring at the game on the TV, where his character, an abused little kid called Isaac, was being chased by little happy pieces of poo in a uterus. Indie games, huh.

Intent on breaking his concentration with my happiness, I loudly proclaimed “I’M PUTTING ON MAKEUP RIGHT NOW!”

To my surprise, my roomie managed to squeeze out a “Yay!” without breaking his gaze with the TV because if he did so, he would surely suffer a fate none of us would appreciate, now being chased by even bigger happy pieces of poo.


Content with telling my totally uninterested friend about this, I retreated to my room and ripped the package open. Ah. The Self-Made palette. The palette that had been advertised as limited edition and I wasn’t about to buy it, but after six months of “Limited edition” palettes being sold on my main makeup website, and of course calling my name the entire time, I bought it. Just to drag things out, I swatched the whole thing on my surprisingly pale arm and yeah, I love it.

Melty goldeness, fancy purple, dark and light neutrals, and a great quality. Can’t go wrong! After humming and haa’ing a little, my first look was the one below. When I scrubbed away my makeup around 3 am, I could assert that the shadows kept their intensity for fifteen hours. Clearly approved!