Let us rejoice in the times of returning


I sat there, one summer night. The apartment was filled with smoke, my eyes stung and the eerie fog witnessed that just mere minutes ago, a bag of popcorn had been burned beyond recognition.  My roommate soldiered on but had to give up after a few minutes and opened the patio door in order to clear the mists of stupidity in order to keep on playing his computer game.

Yes. Yesterday, I tipped things over in the kitchen to the degree that while I was trying to stop tipping things over and straightening the things back up again, I forgot a bag of popcorn in the microwave until it almost caught fire. Not my proudest moment, I might add.

While laying in my bed a little later, indulging in the sweeping smell of wasted carbohydrates, I realized that I miss my blog.

So let’s start the thing up again!