My blog 10 years ago

Okay, so I KNOW you guys, after all my whining, are like "Seriously Ellet, what in the world was so great with old school blogging? I bet you were as useless then as you are now!" and lemme tell ya; No, I was more useless! I didn't add any concrete value to anyone's life because that was the common way of blogging back then (now I'm at least giving out warnings about dyeing your own leather chairs, right). The haphazardness of it all made it quite relaxing and not as demanding, even though the bouts of "why do I do this?" were present then as well. But I'm sure you're all skeptical still, so I thought I'd dig deep in my old archives and just show you.

So, where WAS the blog ten years ago?

Well, how about looking at this masterpiece from 2009! I can't cite any posts closer to the 14th of August because... well let's just say my blog was anonymous for a reason...


The girl that was wrapped around his leg on that party hooked him for reals shortly after, and is now his wife and the mother of his child. So we never did find out his secret.

And then there was stuff like this; Blog Awards. And yeah, there were real awards and conventions that people went to, but there was also these silly little badges and awards that individual bloggers themselves gave out, and I got at least four of them. So nice. They plastered the side of my blog because fun.


Awards I was given!

Nowadays I have to unfollow people because they get shilly with brands and trying to sneak-sell products (or get pregnant, sorry, I'm not about that mom blogger life), back then I sometimes had to unfollow in pure grief because the blogger in question got a book deal and therefore disappeared or made the blog to be just about the book they were releasing.

I narrated my living in the dorm that I called the cookie collective, me moving across the country, my jobs, my unemployment (with a twist: Unemployement Idol!), and wrote an epic 18-part story about everything that led up to me kissing a man that wasn't my boyfriend that one time. I gave my friends thoughtful aliases and made e-friends that turned into real life friends. And I had a great time doing it all, inspite of doubts and blogger's block and all that jazz.

I read classics like "Getting Single" (that cliffhanger yo, it went on for months, so EXCITING!), The Angry Owl, The Monster Apathy, SecretOfficeConfessions, Steam Me Up Kid, Erisgirl, Hyperbole and A Half (ya know, before she released an awesome book and now is picked apart in sourceless memes), Father Muskrat, Living Shallow Living Well.

Some are still semi-active, like Vegetable Assassin, *Insert My Blog Name Here*, Pearl.. Why You Little, Bridget Jones Has Nothing On Me and The Junk Drawer.

And I'm still around too, though under another name for the fifth time.

So what's in for the next ten years of this blog?

In 2005, I started my first blog on LiveJournal, when I moved away from home for the first time, and since then I’ve been at it. That in itself says something, right? And after having a blog in one form or the other for almost 15 years by now, one of the greatest questions isn't -really- whether to blog or not, but it's whether to blog anonymously or not. Being a heathen from a Protestant country, I somehow carry the severe Catholic shame that leads me to feel in my entire existence that if I, say, joke about sex or drinking, on the internet I will ruin all chances of a future career and probably get shunned by society. But having an anonymous blog in turn makes it impossible to tell everyday stories or use my own pictures as people in my life can recognise them so easily, which takes away some of the fun of blogging as well. Back then, soo many wonderful writers were anonymous, having their own little secret online. It was fun!

At this point I've settled on my actual life and voice being more interesting than any seedier sides (I mean, if my life had any) and therefor even have my face plastered on here. To get my point across; I got a bottle of tequila for my birthday last year. It's been in the pantry for nine months. Still unopened. BOOYAH!

For the coming years, I’m probably just gonna chug along, doing my stuff. I have no plans, no goals, I just figure I’ll be doing whatever I feel like. Maybe I should make an award badge, just for old times sake…