Re-vamping the blog?

You know how you have a blog and everything works and you’re kind of pleased and stuff is running along smoothly? Yes? And then you know how you in the instant everything works, you’re kind of pleased and everything’s running smoothly and you therefore cannot help but decide to REARRANGE ERRYTHANG! Yes? Not just me? Oh, good!  

Because... that’s probably what’s gonna happen. We’ll see where this madness takes us!  

If you get weird updates and posts posted that suddenly disappear and everything looks different every time you step in here, it’s all good. It’s just me being crazy. Because ya know, status quo IS FOR SUCKERS!  

I’ll let you know if I’m done changing things up and become pleased again, so you can yell at me for destroying everything you liked and replaced it with terrible fire-breathing dragons of the internet-version of a blog. If I do so, feel free to mention so in the comments.  

Is there anything specific that you LIKE about this blog, that you want to inform me about, that I really should keep? I’m thinking a little magazine-style-somethin' somethin’, and yeah, I’m not sure it’s a good idea but if I don’t try it, I’ll never know, right!