Changes to the Elletist household

Yes. The excitement is total. Within a short period of time, chaos will ensue in this little apartment. Because if I’m lucky, I will get a shelf system from Ikea delivered to my home this Friday! It’s the classic Ivar that’s gonna make an entrance in my life since the 80’s, and I’m ex. Cite. Ted.

Because it’s not only three shelves, no! It’s a creativityinspirational, administrative, personalizational (yes, making up words so excited!) all around solution for my home life. It’s gonna be tinted in a antique brown shade and get adapted to my needs, and only mine! Computer and books are moving in, a work surface where I don’t need to clear things away in the middle of the process because I need the surface for something else will be installed, and will encourage me to get a little planlessly creative. Maybe even some space for dinner parties will fit?? And of course, it’s has to meet the needs for this advanced household of 28 square meters. Ahem.

Life changing of course. Or am I putting too much into this?

We’ll see.

I have done an idea draft anyways.