Gefle Metal Festival 2017


The festival is over once again. Opposite of the luck we had this festival weekend with great weather, it rained all Sunday long. I’m guessing the grey hues with its cool air fanned quite a lot of hungover visitors in their struggle to find their way back into the boring everyday existence after two days of enjoying the music and lovely atmosphere of thousands of like-minded metalheads gathering in a small spot in a town a few hours north of Stockholm.

The lines to the bars were too long, the staff happily keeping us waiting so people wouldn’t get too drunk. It worked. It also left us hungry and thirsty because there were no time to stand around in line for 25 minutes every time you wanted something to snack on. Being sous vided in one’s own sweat under the blaring sun didn’t help things out either.

But it was lovely, the weekend as a whole. I’m greatful for the opportunity to be able to walk over to a festival, that this year also offered no rain, no mosquitoes and lots of energy! Last year, I was beat and just wanted to sleep and mellow out with my friends, but this year I found myself enjoying the bustle.


Jinjer! So good!


It was fun to see Paradise Lost but it made me realise how few songs of theirs I actually listen to. Those I do listen to though, are DABAMM.


Historically questionable Amon Amarth made a prescence with their iron age helmet with horns. Not really being my cup of tea, I ventured after a cider before they whipped out the huge dragon on the stage, that one I got to look at from a distance.


Bloodbath. My beloved.


Freaking Opeth. Add a shrieking high pitched sound that doesn’t end and you have my mental state before, under and after this performance. It’s my fourth time seeing them live and I don’t even care. They’re so life alteringly good.

The weekend was lovely. I shall remember it dearly.