A Saturday


It’s Saturday morning. I have already bambi’ed over the ice to the gym, unreasonably early in order to ensure myself that no one else was crazy enough to be there. I was right, no one visits gyms at 7.30 on a Saturday morning, who knew haha. Now I’m lounging with my computer and my cup of caramel latte is a little too cool, but I’m still drinking it.

I think about the blog often. This seems to be the great struggle with the whole thing, to blog or not to blog. When I have thought about it lately, I’ve felt kind of blank inside, depleted of ideas or inspiration. But I’ll leave it, it’s better to let it rest a little when I’m feeling uninspired and then let it live again when I find the energy.

I don’t know what it is really. I feel fine, I’m out there being social, I’m doing stuff I like doing, but I just don’t feel the need to document it. Is it my age? Do you grow out of blogging? Have I gotten shyer? I have blogged since 2005 with varying regularity. My favorite blog was my more anonymous one where I could express myself a little more freely and joke around more about things I wouldn’t tell the public in my own name, but the less anonymous kind of blog has given me real life friends! That value!

The blog form is still my favorite, a little safe haven from the click-baity Instagram and the likes-chasing and two second long clips because no one wants to keep their attention to a single image for more than that. I mean, I use them too, but there’s not many options and I never really feel at home there.

The ultra-fast clicky stuff wins nowadays, and I’m not keeping up. I want to be slow and thoughtful. Write for the writing in itself. Yeah. I’m gonna try a little more, to do what I like. Yeah.

Saliga äro de saktmodiga, ty de skola besitta jorden. Eller hur?