A wooden chandelier!


I was gonna say “”It’s been a long time coming” but it really hasn’t. Actually, I think I’ve set some kind of personal record, because apart from hanging a few pictures, the dining room is done and we’ve only lived here for five months!

In serious people’s schedules that actually plan and check off everything when redoing at home, I’m sure it’s ages. But for a procrastinator that wants to do stuff, even the fun stuff, only when I feel like it, it’s pretty dang hasty.

The almost-last hurdle was the lighting arrangement over the dining table. Around the time we moved in, I was tumbling through Pinterest and everywhere I could see these wonderful hanging… things, that one can decorate after taste or season, most often made by artists of course. But, since I sometimes have no boundaries, I wanted one for myself.

A week later, in the house, I found a piece of wood that exactly matched what I’d envisioned for my own over-table while clearing out. It was fate! (let’s keep the illusion going, right). So, I had the piece of wood. And of course, chains to hang it. But I wanted lighting too, and how do you get lighting up above a table? The electrical cords have to be seriously long or I’d have to fasten a extension cord in the ceiling. I wanted to be able to light it and shut it off easily, because everyday life should be as easy as possible.

So I put things off, not knowing how I should go about the whole thing. There was so much other things to do that I knew how to do, so I did all that instead.


Then came the electrician. When walking around pointing to things we wanted done and reviewing our options, I said I wanted a regular wall socket in the ceiling, because that was the obvious solution to my problems! Could that be done? Yeah sure, he said, we’ll find a solution for it. And a few weeks into the whole mess, we did.

After getting the socket installed, I excitedly drilled four holes into the wooden board and threaded the chains through them, and installed two hooks in the ceiling. I raided another room for the string of lights, and up it all went!


It’s not picture perfect but who cares!

Now. Do you know what happens if you hang one piece of wood in four chains and the chains pull differently? Things get real crooked, real fast. Things got so crooked I thought I’d have to take everything down, spackle the holes in the ceiling and just tell my household I’d changed my mind to cover up the failure. But I endured, and after a grueling ten minutes of walking round and round and tweaking each side a litte at a time, things were aligned.

Right now it’s a little scarce with the decorations, but I have plans for the coming season changes. Fun!


The new socket is connected to the ceiling light socket so I can light both with the the wall flip switch. I’ve disconnected my old beloved inherited hand blown glass lamp because I don’t like the kind of ambiance ceiling lights make. It’s just gonna hang there like a jewel, in it’s 100 year old prettiness.


The ALL THE THINGS storage!


So, I live in a small apartment. And I mean small. It's a dainty 28 square meters or 300 square feet. And even though the smallness has its challenges, I really love my little pad with its bed alcove and glazed balcony. I love having everything close by and all the things I feel makes a home, visible. 

Also, having everything in view all the time makes the goldfish-span-of-attention-me actually remember that I have the things and makes me use them more often. Naturally, open storage is my thing. Also naturally, having such a small space to work with, I have to be quite efficient. I wanted to replace my bulky computer table and get rid of a small table on which I had the sewing machine. I gave away the shelf where I had my books so… that was clever…

Even though I had a computer space, I still had nowhere to put my printer or the little speaker for my computer, or my headphones for the nights when I want to listen to really loud music after 10 PM. I had no craft space and nowhere to let the future projects make their presence known and I had nowhere to put the coffee maker. I wanted lighting around my workspace. I wanted a space for charging my electronics without them being in the way on tables or worktops.

And yeah, I had random stuff that had no place and when you’re living small with lots of stuff, shit needs a home. Needless to say, I needed to update my apartment. And boy did I!

May the chaos commence!


I ordered home delivery, and Ikea's Ivar was delivered! I chose the tallest gables, 220cm's/86 inches just to cram as much efficiency in it as possible. 


Now, I couldn't have it in its natural scandinavian blonde wood finish, so I stained it a coffee-ish colour instead. It sucked and it smelled, but the result is great!


The "chaos behind the scenes"-photo is on me! 


Then I just tried everything out and moved things around until I was quite pleased, and then clicked stuff into place. 


And, tada! It's messy, I have work spaces, it's lighted, it's a pretty aged brown colour, it swallows masses of things, it has electrical sockets and leaves no cords on the floor to collect dust that make me angry while vaccuuming - essentially everything I need in storage! It serves as handbag hanger that doesn't fit my miniscule hallway and a space for kitchen towels too. 


Retractable surfaces so I don't need to waste that space when not sitting by the computer/crafting. It's not the prettiest but who cares!


Charge all the things. 


Yesssss, precious.

Changes to the Elletist household

Yes. The excitement is total. Within a short period of time, chaos will ensue in this little apartment. Because if I’m lucky, I will get a shelf system from Ikea delivered to my home this Friday! It’s the classic Ivar that’s gonna make an entrance in my life since the 80’s, and I’m ex. Cite. Ted.

Because it’s not only three shelves, no! It’s a creativityinspirational, administrative, personalizational (yes, making up words so excited!) all around solution for my home life. It’s gonna be tinted in a antique brown shade and get adapted to my needs, and only mine! Computer and books are moving in, a work surface where I don’t need to clear things away in the middle of the process because I need the surface for something else will be installed, and will encourage me to get a little planlessly creative. Maybe even some space for dinner parties will fit?? And of course, it’s has to meet the needs for this advanced household of 28 square meters. Ahem.

Life changing of course. Or am I putting too much into this?

We’ll see.

I have done an idea draft anyways.


I wallpapered all by myself!


I mitt äktenskap var jag målaren, och han var tapetseraren (OBS, faktiska tapeter alltså). Tapeterna gick på som en smäck när han gjorde det själv istället för att vi både försökte hjälpa till och våra dyrbara finmönstrade tapeter liksom mest degraderade sig själva till något slags kladdigt godispapper med rivränder från för skarpa veck och guldfärg som löstes upp i av olyckan felplacerat tapetlim. Målningen sköttes av mig, eftersom jag inte ens behövde lägga ut papper på golvet och ändå fick ett rent och okladdigt resultat medan det såg ut som att en arg järv hade råkat kliva ner i en hink med färg, klivit ur hinken och sen försökt klösa sig ut ur rummet i fråga när min dåvarande varit framme med roller och pensel. Vi kompletterade varandra, helt enkelt. Så det var inte utan lite tvekan som jag övervägde att tapetsera helt själv i frånvaron av min eviga ex-roomievapendragare J som drabbats av den stora söndagssjukan som förr i tiden kunde definieras som bokstavssjukdomen "ADSL" men som numera går under namnet "Spela Data". Istället för att medelst logik och lockande med mat och socker försöka övertala honom att överge hans kattstinna datamys, så valde jag att helt själv tapetsera de där kvadratmetrarna som behövdes för min fondvägg.


I över två år höll jag på denna tapet. Tur var väl det! Hann flytta tre gånger på den tiden.

Det första jag gjorde var att i bakfylledimman från lördagens tjejkväll blanda ut limpulvret i alldeles för mycket vatten, så jag i ren inredningsilska fick plasta skiten tills måndagsmorgonen kunde rulla runt och jag kunde stolpa ner på Clas Ohlson och köpa mer pulver för att blanda en mer rimlig tjocklek av lim. Sagt och gjort, det var dags.


Slösade ingen färg i onödan! 

Och alltså. När inte limmet var alldeles för tunt och när jag liksom skarvade tillbaka att jag satt den första våden snett, så var det ju inte svårt alls! Irriterande, ja. Kladdigt, definitivt. Var köket täckt i ett fint damm av cellulosa? Helt klart. Men jag gjorde det! Jag tapetserade helt själv!


Det tog ytterligare några veckor innan jag orkade måla klart det gråvita hörnet.


Nöjd! Med tapet och att jag gjorde det helt själv, trots en liten bubbla här och där! 

The vinyl sideboard!

It was a Saturday night. I sat on my couch and stared at my little dwelling and realized, shit, it’s time to reorganize my space. So I reorganized my room, and realized that my 2x4 Expedit shelf didn’t fit anymore. And because I’m a reasonable person, I gave the shelf away instead of just adapting my interior design to make it fit again. Ahem. So, when Sunday afternoon rolled by, I stood there, without storage for a cubic meter of books, papers and stuff.

So what does one do when suddenly giving away furniture I need to replace with a short notice? The buy-and-sell site Blocket of course! After some scrambling around ads that were way too expensive or too far away, I found one a fancy 70’s or 80’s version of a vinyl player sideboard, in that perfect glossy-ish 40 year old finish. It was a mere 30 minutes away. J and I was going on a roadtrip for the day and it was even on the way home! Done!

We strode into the countryside, to new parts of the land that none of us had visited before, and finally reached a coast side collection of cabins and year round houses. A nice man came out on the porch and we stared at the sideboard for 10 seconds before deciding that yes, let’s do this. 20 euros was swished and the sideboard was tucked into the car and within mere minutes of arriving, we were on our way home again.

When we carried the beast up the stairs and into my little apartment, it looked waaayyy too big, but then I dragged it into place and it fit perfectly!

Decorated and done!

Behind the door are the ugly things

My dream sideboard (1940's version with seductive sweeping corners and a more delicate form language) didn't have a drawer and no vinyl-holders which I today find great use in, holding floppy notebooks upright so I don't get them all bent and annoying when it's time to use them. And that edge on the top surface is great for things NOT slipping off and falling to the floor. 

I love it.

Interior update!

Jag vet jag vet! Alla har väntat så fantastiskt länge på att jag ska kasta upp bilderna på mitt fantastiska shagpad, men nu kan ni lugna er, dagen har kommit! Alltså, jag fick feeling och städade min lilla lya ett par veckor efter min plötsliga ommöblering. Det var fint i ungefär en dag, sen kom virvelvinden Ellet och gjorde som vanligt. Så det här ett litet ögonblick av min lägenhets existens. Let’s do it!

Ja, vad är det här? Biblioteket kanske!

Jamen ungefär sådär. Hallen och badrummet orkar jag inte visa pga blaha och supertrist med beigerosa plastmatta på väggarna. Men ska jag vara helt ärlig så är jag nog gladare i hur det blev än vad jag trodde när jag flyttade in. Nu får vi se hur länge den här konstellationen av möbler håller innan jag får ryck igen.