Okay, so I made oat bars


You know how you just suddenly crave oats? No? Okay…


Well, you know how you just loathe everyday cooking and you’ve promised your boyfriend that you won’t eat any candy but you want to and realize that there’s a solution to both your problems? A magical way of circumferencing that big block of candy-denial that is the man that keeps on showing up at your apartment when you’re trying to claw open the chocolate bar in the fridge while trying to find like rocks that are the same weight as chocolate to put into the chocolate packaging for the quick little Indiana Jones-swap in case your he checks your fridge for looting?

Okay, good, now you’re with me!

The step following your clever solution-step is googling “granola bars”. A lot. Because people put the weirdest shit in these, man. Like more butter than oats? Milk? Honey, syrup, sugar AND brown sugar? Seriously? I’m cutting candy so I can avoid diabetes, man. DRIED CRANBERRIES? What are we, savages?


So when you finally find a recipe that’s like doable with some alterations, it’s half past ten in the evening and you just sort of roll off of the couch and make your dullest late-Saturday-night shopping ever, consisting of seeds, dried prunes and white chocolate. It could mislead you to believe that I don’t have a very exciting life.

Okay, so I don’t. There’s nothing wrong with that!


After all that strain to rush to the store, I unloaded everything in the kitchen and promptly went to bed, slept for eight hours, and then drank coffee for four hours before I ventured towards the bags of dry things loitering on my stove top. The making of my oat bars were of enough urgency to make me go biking for an hour a Saturday evening… obviously.


As Toby, who was eliminated in the first episode of season 4 of Great British Bake Off said; “And I have grrrrrated my thumb”. Here in the north, we always sacrifice a smidgeon of blood to make the cooking fulfilling for all parts.

Then about three hours of roasting oats, pouring things into bowls, humming hesitantly, doubting my purpose in life, going through dabs of all forms of sugar in my household, melting chocolate and chopping prunes ensued. What? I complain about cranberries and then use PRUNES? I’m half-Finnish, dude. One of the classic Finnish desserts is a dark brown sludge that exactly resembles sticky chocolate pudding but is merely WHEAT boiled until dead and then you pour a tad of full fat cream on it and remember the olden lands full of bark and darkness. Prunes are true joy, I tell you!


Raspberry and white chocolate, probably the most popular of the three kinds.


Prunes and dark chocolate. Gloriously Finnish.


Chocolate and orange, I totally winged it because there are NO RECIPES on chocolate and orange oat bars that doesn’t contain stupid stuff like bananas or orange concentrate. I pressed one orange’s juices and zested two, that was more than enough to flavour it!


The oat bars were tried and tested and approved by me and my gastronomical support that approves of everything I cook because that means he doesn’t have to. I still got a ton in the fridge; they’re supposed to last for like two weeks if kept cold. They are indeed a little… healthy tasting inspite of the chocolate and sticky sugaryness that keeps the oats somewhat from falling all over your clothes when you try and eat them, but all in all, they’re a great treat!

Here are the recipes I read and altered after my own silly tastes. The first one is the base for the prune and orange ones, the second is the raspberry and white chocolate one.

Best Dang Granola Bars Ever
Chewy Raspberry Apple Granola Bars (altough I used lemon curd instead of apple sauce because I didn’t have any apple sauce but I did have lemon curd. I’m fancy like that.)

Cheesecake brownies FÜR ALLES!

Ja jävlar, det var dags. Jag var sugen på både brownies och cheesecake och ville inte göra någon av dom separat. Jaha, vad gör man då? Man gör BÅDE OCH! Men! Jag fick trixa lite eftersom jag inte hittade något kombinerat recept som hade en cheesecakedel som innehöll vit choklad, vilket jag ville ha. Så, det fick bli ett kärleksbarn mellan en fuskvariant av Leilas New York cheesecake baserat på vad jag hade hemma och Katja Kristofersons brownie.

Så det blev alltså såhär:

150 gram smör
1 dl kakao
3 ägg
3 dl strösocker
2.5 dl vetemjöl
1 tsk bakpulver

300 gram philadelphia
1 ägg
1 msk vetemjöl
1 msk strösocker
3 tsk vaniljsocker 100 gram vit choklad

Ugnstid: 40-45 minuter, 150 grader, långt ner i ugnen.

Det var ju en chansning med olika recept, men det blev AWESOME! Jag började med att veva ihop allt till cheesecakedelen, den vita chokladen smälte jag över vattenbad och hade i sist. När jag var klar med det vevandet så la jag ihop alla torra ingredienser till browniedelen, utom sockret som jag hällde i en separat skål tillsammans med äggen. Eftersom bakpulver blir glatt av värme och man måste in i med grejerna i ugnen ganska raskt efter att man rört ihop smeten, så försökte jag göra klart så mycket som möjligt innan jag hällde i smöret och blandade ingredienserna. Smälte smöret i en kastrull och smorde formen med lite av smöret med hjälp av en slickepott. Vispade ägg och socker lite fluffigt, och blandade ihop alla brownieingredienserna.

Hällde ner det i formen och smetade ut det slätt, slafsade ut cheesecakesmeten ovanpå och slätade ut, sen vände jag lite med en kniv så smeterna blandades. In i ugnen i 40-45 minuter (hade min inne i 50 och den blev bra men kunde ha varit inne lite kortare), långt ner i ugnen och på mesiga 150 grader. Magi!




Lite fluffig och härlig brownie med vitchokladig cheesecake ovanpå. Alltså. ALLTSÅ.